Web3.0 Exchange’s
Excellent Fusion Solution

Exploring with OliveX

  • Positioning

    Web 3.0 exchange innovative CEX-DEX converged cryptocurrency trading solution.

  • Mission

    Targeting the pain points of the cryptocurrency exchange, it protects the safety of users' assets while obtaining the trading items and experience of a centralized exchange.

  • Vision

    The new exchange model FEX (Fusion-Ex) will definitely become a new trend in the future cryptocurrency trading market.

Earn With OliveX



    Olive IEO's successive rounds of increases.

  • OVE Mining


    Global Mining Alliance Building OVE Mining Ecosystem.

  • Static Yield


    24-hour Withdrawable Staking Rewards for OVE.

  • Global Nodes


    Launch Global Node Recruitment for Building a Robust OVE Ecosystem.

  • Dynamic Rewards


    Dynamic Rewards for Increased Earnings.

  • OliveX Fund


    Groundbreaking Network-wide Loss Compensation.

OliveX Advantages


    The first CEX-DEX converged exchange solution, with higher asset security, better trading speed and liquidities.

  • One-stop

    Complete exchange trading products, one-stop comprehensive participation in the crypto financial ecology, close to the real time hot spots in the coin circle.

  • Ai + ChatGPT

    Utilizing AI-powered ChatGPT, deploy an official and highly efficient fully automated revenue model that seizes every trading opportunity.

  • Exclusive NFT

    Experience the exclusive NFT for enhanced exchange fee bonuses, fostering a powerful consensus together.

  • Community

    A multitude of vibrant communities, both domestic and international, come together to forge expansive ecosystems of public knowledge.

  • OVE Chain

    Establishing the next generation public chain paradigm and building OVE Chain public chain ecology.


OVE Token

Initial Issue : 1,000,000,000 OVE

  1. Mining

  2. Special contributors

  3. Initial contributors

  4. Cooperation

  5. Airdrop & Events

  6. IEO-Nodes



  • July 2022

    OliveX formally initiates the project, assembles a dedicated team, and successfully secures a seed funding of US$5 million, with prominent investment leaders such as NoLiITS and Designmodo taking the lead.

  • December 2022

    OliveX's highly anticipated official website has been unveiled, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards commercial success.
    The release of the OliveX White Paper is a significant step towards industry commercial success, providing a comprehensive blueprint that fuels the path to prosperity.
    OliveX proudly announces the official release of a groundbreaking trading model, FEX (Fusion-Ex), along with its innovative eco concept.

  • July 2023

    OliveX enters public test phase for contract trading and spot trading
    OliveX Launches Global Mining Alliance
    OliveX launches global node recruitment program

  • December 2023

    OliveX is pleased to announce the vigorous development of its online community ecology, centered around the cutting-edge artificial intelligence ChatGPT technology trading.

  • June 2024

    Vigorously develop DeFi ecological applications, launch the first OVE Swap loan ecology, and gradually establish the OVE Chain public chain construction

  • January 2025

    Improving the OVE Metaverse to create a blockchain-driven virtual reality platform
    Building a revolutionary, ecosystem-level blockchain public chain that spearheads the commercialization of textual content.


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